Knob and Tube Abatement

Knob and Tube wiring is present in almost every home built before 1935. In many cases it has been partially removed or replaced over time, but some still may remain in older homes.


Many insurance companies are no longer willing to write a new policy to home owners that have knob and tube wiring in their home.  Why are the insurance companies doing this?  In most cases knob and tube is ran through the walls, ceiling and attic
spaces and often, insulation has been added in these spaces which covers the old wiring.  Knob and tube wiring was not intended to be covered by insulation or run modern
appliances like A/C window units.  In extreme cases, covered knob and tube wire can cause fires.


We have removed and replaced knob and tube wiring in many houses and can
meet to discuss what knob and tube remains and what can be done about it.


This is something we see quite often. The knob and tube is in contact with
insulation and has also been tapped off of with new wiring. These are both code
violations and potential problems.


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